COVID 19 Food Safety Checklist ComplianceMate C19 app is designed to assist foodservice establishments with a way to track and digitally document checklists and workflows related to COVID-19.

As the outbreak spreads, government-mandated requirements and general best practices are rapidly changing.

ComplianceMate C19 includes pre-built inspection and hygiene checklists that are continually updated to reflect the latest CDC and FDA guidelines for food safety policies and practices.

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As COVID-19 guidance continues to evolve, existing checklists/workflows will be updated, and new ones may be added. ComplianceMate C19 users can rely on staying always up to date with the latest requirements and best practices. Checklists and workflows at launch include:

  • COVID-19 disinfecting checks by area, including restrooms, back of house, lobby, and dining room areas
  • Other cleaning and sanitation checks
  • Employee wellness checks
  • Handwashing and personal hygiene procedures
  • Procedures for employees returning to work after a positive diagnosis


  • SAFETY FIRST! Keep your stores, staff, and guests as safe as possible from COVID-19.
  • PROACTIVE. Alert managers to employees who are not following guidelines.
  • EASY. Designed to be user-centric and to seamlessly fit into normal work routines.
  • FAST. Conduct more thorough checks in half the time.
  • CONSISTENT. Ensure all workers on all shifts at all locations adhere to the same checks.
  • ACCURATE. Protect against fraud or errors that can afflict paper procedures and logs.
  • CLOUD-BASED. Reports are securely available via smartphones, tablets, and computers


  • Restaurants offering in-house dining and/or third-party  delivery
  • QSR, Fast Casual, and Fast Food establishments
  • C-Stores
  • Grocers

“Foodservice is our family,” said Steven Getraer, President of ComplianceMate. “We had to offer a way for our family to keep safe in these challenging times.”